Devil and sacrifices

After waving my host goodbye, I was off to Punta del Diablo. More deserted beaches. Though each town or village manages to differentiate itself from the previous one, attracting a different kind of tourist. Punta del Diablo is more on the hippy side. If you go a little bit away from the village center, you’ll see some really crazy houses. Original in their structure and colours. Some facades looked like masks and sometimes made me wonder if I wasn’t lost on the set of a fantasy movie. Or a cartoon. There I stayed with Julio and his 3 dogs, in the wooden hut he built all by himself. It was bigger and more comfortable than the mud house in Pirápolis. But there was still no central heating. Nor was the couch really comfy. And no hot water for the shower either. Don’t think I am complaining. On the contrary! Julio was an incredible host, always ready to help, made me try his home-made bread… and there actually was an open fire, who gave the hut some warmth and allowed to heat the water for the shower. But I realize that my body is just not used to somewhat rougher conditions. Sleeping on harder surfaces makes that I don’t rest as well as I am used to and my body generally hurts more in the morning – and through the day. The cold makes that I am contracting my muscles all the time. And if you add to this the fact that I regularly wear 14 kilos on my back + 10 at the front… Let’s say that the day I was offered a massage, I gladly accepted it.

Julio's place
Julio’s place

In Punta del Diablo, I got introduced to the Quimbanda, an Afro-Brazilian religion practiced primarily in the urban city centers of Brazil. Quimbanda practices are typically associated with magic and rituals involving animal sacrifice. But let us be clear. When I say that I got “introduced” to the quinamba, it just means I discovered a beheaded chicken surrounded with bananas during one of my walks. Not that I was involved with rituals or sacrifices of any kind.

Quimbanda sacrifice
Quimbanda sacrifice

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