An angel on the bus in Buenos Aires

Crossing the Río de la Plata takes about an hour and I arrived in Buenos Aires at dark, at 21.00. Not a really good hour when you have no idea where you are and where you need to go to. I just knew I had to take bus 152. I tried my luck accosting the first young lady who crossed my path and asked if she could help me out. As it happened, she needed to take the exact same bus. So I happily followed Kerry, from the United States, who also had lived… in Brussels. Less than a kilometer from my house. It felt a bit weird to start talking about my neighbourhood with a total stranger, in a city where I still felt completely disorientated. Not only did Kerry tell me where to take the bus, she also paid for it – if you don’t have the necessary card, you need to pay with coins, which are a rare commodity, especially when you have only been in the country for about 15 minutes -, made for excellent company during the ride AND told me where to get off. On top of that, she almost managed to restore my faith in Christianity. I listened sceptically to her talking about God’s miracles – she was there to participate in the humanitarian missions of one or the other church – but, as I stepped off the bus, I had to admit: hadn’t she herself appeared like an angel to me?…

But my moments of spirituality generally last for only a few …moments. So I let her disappear on bus 152, grateful for her help.

Getting spiritual in Argentina
Getting spiritual in Argentina

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