Elections week-end in Minas

My last stop before going back to Montevideo was Minas. Not a beach place, for a change. But there was also very little to see.

I arrived there with the rain and, therefore, completely wet. But I was directly welcomed by Mariángel, Gonzalo and their 2 year old daughter Bruna to share some mate and participate in Bruna’s homework – finger painting an autumn leaf. There too, we had some lively political discussions and I was happy to accompany them to vote on election day. Both Mariángel and Gonzalo are – wait for it – lefties. And marijuana activists. I thought this had become unnecessary since the legalisation but, apparently, there are still many people in jail because they sold, consumed or possessed marijuana.

Mariángel voting in the school where she teaches English
Mariángel voting in the school where she teaches English

M and G were also very helpful in pointing me in the right direction for things to see and do in rather uneventful Minas. So one quite interesting thing I did was to visit the miniatures’ museum of Horacio Chocho. This 71 year old gentleman retired about 10 years ago as a mechanician and started to build miniatures of objects from his youth and even from the 19th and 18th century. An old wind mill, a school bus, a whole bakery… he went as far as to reproduce the very first car, a steam-powered automobile built in 1771 by a certain Cugnot. And all of his reproductions actually work!

As I was sitting there, listening open-mouthed to Horacio’s explanations – if they had taught me physics and mechanics like this when I was at school, I might have been more inclined to become an engineer – his wife fed me some home- made bakery. I left them a wiser woman, also stuffed, smiling and happy.



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