Feeling at home in a shopping center

And so I arrived at Eva’s home, Eva whom I hosted in Brussels myself only 5 months ago. With her lives Fabiana, a Venezuelan student whose boyfriend, Guillermo, was also visiting. So that’s 4 people in a one bedroom apartment, which makes it kind of cosy. I am not planning to visit Venezuela, so it was good to hear Fabiana and Guillermo talking about their country… and comforting me in the idea that I should not visit it. Too dangerous. Especially for a woman traveling on her own.

Eva, my host in Buenos Aires
Eva, my host in Buenos Aires
Fabiana and Guillermo
Guillermo and Fabiana

Argentina, on the other hand, is not so very different from Uruguay. At least not the people, the language and the culture – they also drink mate and greet you with ONE kiss. But even so, I needed to find my balance back again in this new country. I kind of felt lost during the first days. Maybe because of the size of the city? It’s not gigantic, though. About 3 million inhabitants.

On my first day, I landed in a shopping center and wandered there for about 2 hours. Because, stupid as this might sound, I felt at home there. I didn’t put it into words like that just then but, somehow, I think I got the blues. I missed home. And as there is nothing that looks more like a shopping center than another shopping center, things looked familiar to me in there. With the difference that they don’t speak the same language. And you don’t eat exactly the same food. I sat down at a table in one of the coffee shops and wouldn’t have been surprised to see one of my favourite brunch buddies appear all of a sudden. I was almost hoping for it.

Maybe it’s also for this reason I found it so hard to leave Buenos Aires? I stayed two weeks and a half in total, taking my time to discover the different neighborhoods, the museums, the night life, the people,… Palermo, Puerto Madero, La Boca and El Caminito, San Telmo, Recoleta, The Malba museum, the museum of languages and books, la Bomba de tiempo, Fuerza Bruta, the Recoleta cemetry – where you can find the grave of Evita Perrón,… Although I absolutely love discovering nature and quiet places at times, in Buenos Aires I really felt a city kind of person. In a big town, there is always something to do, something to see. You can be on your own if you want to but you can never get bored.

Palermo at dawn
Palermo at dawn



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  1. Mahalia says:

    Ma chérie, ne te sens pas trop seule… Nous, on est là et on te lit: ça fait qu’on est quand même un peu avec toi 😉 je te fais des tas de tout gros câlins et dès que tu rentres, tu les reçois en vrai!!

    1. sarahdheedene1980 says:

      🙂 Bisous Mahalia!

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