Not quite left Uruguay yet

Just when I was about to spend my first week-end in the capital of Argentina… I went back to Montevideo for 2 days. I had been invited to Bruno’s birthday and I had sworn I would to be there to celebrate with him. Uruguay was also hoping to celebrate something else that day: a victory of the national team’s first World Cup match. Not being able to be amongst my compatriots for the event – or so I thought until then – Uruguay seemed to be the perfect team to support while in South America. Remember how much I thought they were similar to the Belgians?

I was completely ready to cheer with the crowd on the Plaza de la Intendencia. But it ended up with a defeat against Costa Rica and, instead of a party in the streets, there were sad and angry faces all around. We therefore did our best to concentrate on the birthday party. Which ended around 4h30 for me. On Sunday evening, I was back in Buenos Aires.

Uruguay vs Costa Rica
Uruguay vs Costa Rica

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