Belgian fellow citizens in the snow

After two months of couch-surfing and meeting great people, I felt I needed some time on my own and chose to stay in a hostel for a few nights. What I hadn’t been thinking of, is that it is even harder to be on your own that way. Hostels are packed with travellers and, somehow, you always end up talking to someone. Moments before getting on the bus to Mendoza, I bumped into Eva, the lady who was couch-surfing at Lucas’ when I left Puerto Madryn, and who was going in the same direction. The day after our arrival, we went together to the Aconcagua, a mountain culminating at 7000 meters.

Do I need to tell you we didn’t make it to the top? Eva’s father almost did though. But unfortunately he had to abandon at 100 meters from his goal. We took a three hour long walk, during which we met some… Belgians. From Watermael-Boitsfort. There. In the snow. Where we were only the four of us. Since I am meeting Spanish friends unexpectedly all around Europe, this isn’t even a surprise anymore. They took pictures of us. We took pictures of them. We walked together for a while. Then got separated again.

When we could get no further, there was only Eva and I admiring the beauty of the Aconcagua. Together with a hungry bird. Perfect spot for contemplating and meditating. But we went back, for a little walk along the old railways, until we got to the “Puente del Indio”. Just before we got there, we spotted an abandoned bus. A very colourful one. We wondered how it landed there and felt like being “Into the Wild” for a few minutes. But with a happy ending.


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  1. Tim Shey says:

    Here is a little more on “Into the Wild”:

    “Fairbanks Bus 142”

    1. sarahdheedene1980 says:

      I have been talking about this two days ago with an eco-guide in the Valle de Cocora, in Colombia. And about solitude. Brings one back to a lot of questions.

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