Bicycles and wine

Saturday was the day of the wine bike tour. The main attraction of Mendoza being its numerous bodegas, where you can do some wine tasting. Before that, though, I needed to take care of some computer- related stuff. Which took me hours. So, when I left, it was already 15.00. I got at the bike renting place at 16.30… and most bodegas close at 18.00. Here we go again. Sarah and her fantastic organisation skills.

I wouldn’t be able to visit a lot but I still had time left for one or two. Unfortunately, as was to be expected, even equipped with a map and the explanations of the bike rental owner, I got lost. Cycled about 3 kilometers further than I should have. Then cycled 3 kilometers back. Which is sure good for the health but isn’t for a wine tasting that is already under time pressure. I ended up finding a bodega closing at 19.00. Good. Because it was already 17.30.

A terrace, vineyards, sunset, a glass of Malbec, one of Cabernet and one of Syrah. What could possibly be missing to this perfect scenery? Maybe some company for a nice chat?

Wine tasting in the sunset
Wine tasting in the sunset

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask for something. One of the ladies of the group sitting behind me asked me where I was from and off went the conversation. As we had hired the bicycles from the same place, I even got some company on my way back. We also enjoyed the presence of the police for a while, as a car was escorting us during a few kilometers. I’m not sure if they were trying to protect us from possible local Alonso’s or just from ourselves and the wine we had been ingurgitating. I only had done one bodega of course. But they couldn’t know that and some people visit up to 5 or 6 in a day.

When we got back at the bike rental place, Hugo, the owner, was waiting for us with some home-made lemonade… a bottle of wine for each of us as a gift… and a voucher for another wine tasting at a shop a little bit further down the road. I therefore happily followed my new bunch of North American friends to the wine shop, where two Australians they had previously met were already waiting for us. The voucher included the tasting of 3 different wines. We got 4. Plus what remained in each bottle – we were the last customers. Plus a taste of a sweet home- made wine. Which came in a penguin shaped carafe. No particular reason to it. But I thought it was a funny detail.

I left the shop particularly happy. Wondering where the police escort was when you really needed it.

Cabernet & Syrah
Cabernet & Syrah

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