Long is the road

On the next day, I had to take a decision. Should I stay or should I go? I had planned to go to Cachí, which seemed to be right on my way to the province of Jujuy. But getting there proved more complicated than I thought. There is effectively a road between the two villages but it is quite bad – especially during the rainy season which, fortunately, was not the one we were in – and there is no bus service between them. On the other hand, I liked the spirit of the hostel where I was staying, and I figured I could enjoy it a little longer, the time for me to find out the best way to get to Cachí. So I asked Pedro, the hostel owner, to book me for one more night.

But, sometimes, faith just decides in your place. As it happened, three girls who had been doing the same excursion as I had on the previous day, had found a cheap way to get to Cachí and were looking for a fourth companion to share the costs. This was probably my best opportunity to get there, so I took my luck and followed the ladies: Anabela, Ana Paula and Jimena, from a city in the province of Buenos Aires called Tandil.

That’s when I discovered the meaning of the word “remis”, which is some kind of taxi but for longer distances. Cachí is about 160 kilometers from Cafayate. A distance which took us 5 hours to cover. And costed us 200 pesos each – around 20 euros. A bargain. Especially if you consider all the incredible views we got to see – I did tell you I was going to run out of adjectives at one point – including the visit to a 18th century church coupled to a farm and a mill. Right there. In the middle of nowhere. I wondered how it ever occurred to anyone to come from Europe and decide this was a perfect spot to build a church. Or a farm. Or a mill. Something. Anything! There’s the view, of course. But wouldn’t it be interesting to also have at least a few human souls?

Although it was very cute, the ride to Cachí was more interesting than the village itself, which was very small. I did have a great dinner with the ladies, though. And stayed two nights. A quiet village was the perfect place to work further on my blog.


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