Not too bad for a foreigner

Plans… I don’t know why I’m still trying to have them. So the idea was to go to Villa de Leyva for the kite festival. But I didn’t find a couchsurfing guest. And finding a hotel room would certainly be an impossible mission. I had two options left: go to Rock al Parque – but I didn’t know how to contact Simon, the guy I had met in the park a few days before – or go back with Eliana to her mother’s house in San Antonio. I could use a quiet week-end in a small Colombian village. And I enjoyed Eliana’s company. So I went for the second option.

Did I say “quiet week-end”? San Antonio was having its ferias. And not only did I go with Eliana, but so did her flatmate Yamile. And a friend of hers. In her mom’s house, we also met her brother, a cousin, two aunts and an uncle. And the rest of the family in the neighbouring house. I stopped counting, to be honest. Too many people.

We formed a little group to go to the village’s main square to have a few drinks and enjoy the live music. See how you imagine a Colombian village party, with a lot of salsa music and nice weather? Well it was exactly that. After a few drinks, I forgot I never learned to dance salsa and did just whatever my body felt like doing on the music. And, apparently, I wasn’t doing too bad. Next morning, as I was slowly waking up, I heard Eliana’s two aunts commenting on my dancing skills.
– Have you seen how Sarah was moving, yesterday?
– Yes. Not bad for a foreigner. Normally, they don’t have much of a sense of rhythm.
Needless to say I felt very flattered.

On the second night, I felt a bit tired and stayed inside while the majority went out for another round. But, just as I went to bed, they came back. The music wasn’t according to taste on the village square so they decided to put on their own music in their own house. In the end, it was as late as the night before when I finally fell asleep.

Just as when I had stayed in San Antonio earlier that week, we were fed fresh fruit from the garden every day. Breakfast made of arepas – a kind of salty pancake -, salpicón – a juice with small pieces of a lot of different fruits – mandarine juice and chocolate milk. Heaven is probably not very different from that. Plus I got hair treatment with aloe vera. I want a garden like that. You don’t need to do anything. Whatever you decide to plant, it just grows. And because there are not really seasons, it grows the whole year through.

The week-end ended nicely with a lunch in the village and a concert of classical music given by the local children’s band. And then a 4 hours’ drive back to Bogotá… when it normally only should take about one hour. I’ll try to remember this episode whenever I complain about the traffic in Brussels.


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