Youth therapy

While staying in Vélez, Angelica taught me some of the beauty secrets of the Colombian women. First, go to the hairdresser on a regular basis. That one I had under control… until I started traveling. Same for manicure and pedicure. Go at least once every two weeks. These two were completely new for me. Something that is quite unbelievable for most local women. And as I could do both plus the haircut for about 10 euros, I thought Colombia was the perfect place to have, yes, a French manicure.

Then came the sugar peeling. Why on earth would you spend tons of money on beauty products if you can have a divine skin using that pack of sugar that has been decorating your kitchen shelf for much too long, as you’re not the kind of person competing for Master Chef, cooking dinner and dessert twice a day. Or even twice a week.

And, finally, I was granted a relooking and make-up session, which is not unwelcome when you have spent the last three months looking like Sporty Spice or a hippy who got time-transported from the 70’s.

During the week-end, Eduardo and Angelica took me to visit the province of Santander, of which Vélez is part. We spent Saturday evening in Barichara, a small colonial village, much visited by European and North American tourists alike. The night we spent in San Gil, in a spa resort which, in a way, was part of the beauty-relaxing therapy. I woke up at 8.00 just to have the pleasure of lazing round and in the hotel swimming pool. I lazed so much that I missed breakfast, available for free until 10.00.

On Sunday afternoon, we went to the Panachi or Parque Nacional del Chicamocha. It was a nice walk with beautiful views, a little bit of culture and history and an amazing swing session: being pulled up ten to fifteen meters and then released into the emptiness of the canyon. Quite an intense moment, which went together with a lot of screaming. I’m still considering doing bungee jumping after that.

Monday was my last day in Vélez. We celebrated Angelica’s birthday in the evening. She and Leidi tried to convince me to stay for at least another night. But I felt it was time for me to go. I had an urge to move on.


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