Just an ordinary day – a perfect day

Always concerned I would be well taken care of during my stay in Colombia, Angelica had recommended me to some friends of hers in Bucaramanga. So there I arrived to meet Yanira and Jaider, in the middle of… a family gathering. They were celebrating the degree of one of the cousins and invited me to join them for dinner. As I was seeing everyone dressed up and considering my, once again, Sporty Spice get-up, I kind of regretted I hadn’t followed Angelica’s beauty advices at that very moment.

I didn’t stay with Yanira and Jaider, who were lacking space in their apartment, but rather in Yanira’s parents’ house, together with her brother and his kids.

The following day was one of those I actually enjoy most: no touristic visits but, instead, accompanying my hosts in their – almost – daily life. Jaider’s family founded a university in Bucaramanga and they were organizing an event to celebrate the beginning of the semester. On that occasion, a Colombian ex football star had been invited as a special guest, in order to inaugurate a brand new pitch. Ever heard of Carlos Valderrama or “El Pibe Valderrama”? Well I hadn’t and, by the look of it, I was the only one on and around the pitch. On the university ground. In Bucaramanga. And probably in the whole of Colombia. But I will certainly never forget him and his hair cut again.

Carlos "El Pibe" Valderrama - Don't have the photo credits but they're not mine.
Carlos “El Pibe” Valderrama – Don’t have the photo credits but they’re not mine.

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