Angry bird

Although much adapted for touristic visits, it is impressive to walk through the tropical forest of the Tayrona Park. You get to discover both its incredibly dense vegetation and the little and bigger animals living in it. I loved watching the monkeys. Though we felt observed and we were not a 100% sure about how they would behave. Would they try to steal from us, as is often the case with monkeys? Equally astonishing, if not more, was the army of blue crabs suddenly disappearing in their holes in the sand as we were getting closer. And then, after hours of walking in the heat and humidity, to see the sea appear between two trees.

Dorine and I made it to only one of the beaches, as we were short of time. Or, more precisely, to one of the beaches where we were allowed to swim. There are many others but most of them are just too dangerous to bathe in. A sign announced that 200 persons had already died there – since when remains a mystery – and wisely recommended the walkers not to be part of the statistics. The one we went to is actually called “the swimming pool” – “la piscina” – as some rocks about 300 meters away from the beach power down the otherwise strong waves.

Palm trees, white sand, sea, not too much sun, good temperature; if it hadn’t been for the mosquitoes, it would have been just perfect.

We spent the night in a camping place inside the park, after having played cards in the company of a gigantic cockroach – or other hideous insect – and a parrot. Lorenzo seemed to be an educated bird at first, as he greeted us with a friendly “Hola”! But he soon stole Dorine’s biscuits and, for some obscure reason, decided to poo on my bottle of shampoo.

Before going to bed, we took leave of Alex, who decided to go his own way and discover more of the park.


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