Sea, s..and, and sun

The next day was filled with similar moments: beautiful beaches – and microscopic jelly fishes – long rides through the desert observing mirages, more children asking for candies,… In the afternoon, Dorine, Julie and I left the guys sweating and burning under the sun during a 45 mintues’ walk though the dunes and along the sea. We preferred to have another splash in the water and catch up with them going by car. When there, we got one of the craziest sights I had seen up to that moment. We got to the top of a dune and, from there, it just seemed to make a 90% jump into the sea. Besides, not only was the place deserted as in “sand only” but there was also as good as no one around. How could it be that we were on our own in the midst of so much beauty? The guys, when they joined us, went down hill, right into the water, while the ladies decided they had been wet enough for the day. We preferred to observe them as they got in touch with their inner child.

From there, we went to observe the sunset at our final destination point: Punta Gallinas. That’s where the South Amercian continent ends. Or where it begins. It’s a matter of point of view. When I turned around to have a look at my travel companions behind me instead of our setting star, there he was again: Alex. He and his buddies were staying at the same hotel as we. Which made sense. It was probably the only one in the place.

There was also another Belgian amongst the hotel guests. A guy from Bruges. I couldn’t think of a stranger place to talk in my dialect to a total stranger. Most of the time, I don’t even speak it with people I don’t know. For some reason, I find it hard to address in Flemish anyone who is not family.

We ate lobster, played “jungle speed”, and went to bed. Here too, it was hammocks. This time, there were no mosquitoes, no windows… and no walls. With a view on a stretch of water. Though, of course, in the dark, there was not much to be viewed. I was hoping to see the rising sun over the water in the morning but it was cloudy. Nevertheless, I just had two of the most gorgeous days I could recall.


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