Care for a cocaine tour?

Before arriving in Cali, I made a quick stop in Armenia, the birth town of Angelica. As she still has many contacts there, once again she made sure I was in good hands. Her friend John came to pick me up at the bus stop and took me to my hostel.

There was an interesting sign at the reception desk, informing us that tourists who had the intention of using cocaine were not welcome and should look for another accomodation. Besides the fact that is is illegal, the notice also gave information about the disastrous consequences of the drug business in social terms. John told me that in the last couple of years, next to the coffee tours, a number of cocaine tours had cropped up, where the production process of cocaine was explained. Much to the discontent of part of the population. As explained earlier, most Colombians are not pleased at all to be automatically associated with drugs.

I had planned to go to the National Coffee Park, which is in the neighbourhood of Armenia but it was closed. John therefore kindly took me to another park, the Panaca, which is meant to get people, and most of all kids, in touch with the world of the farm. Not my best choice. I hadn’t really understood what kind of park it was and I didn’t understand why, instead of creating a park like this, whose motto is “There is no city without countryside”, they didn’t bring the children directly to a real farm. Moreover, there were a lot of animals you wouldn’t commonly find in Colombia. African cows and Asian pigs. It would have been a better idea to spend the day in a real city rather than in a fake countryside. I guess not every day can be a winner.




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