Water & wind

On Milton’s recommendation, I went to the Calima lake on Monday. Not only was it a nice place to see but it’s also a good spot for windsurfing.

I started windsurfing about four years ago. Because my boyfriend at that time was a windsurfer and we were spending holidays camping next to a lake. So I basically had the choice between trying the sport out myself or observing him and his friends while tanning on the border of the lake. And you know how much I enjoy lying in the sun for hours… So I decided to give it a try and took some lessons. I happened to quite like it, despite the fact that, of course, I kept on falling into the water and had my legs full of bruises resulting from me trying to get on top of the surfboard again.

After that first positive, though painful experience, I had a few more tries. But as it is only for a day or two and there is at least one year between each attempt, I need to go back to basics over and over again.

The owner of the school at the Calima lake first checked my notions on the ground and, apparently, was satisfied with the skills I was demonstrating, as he sent me on the water without any further explanation with one of his instructors. Or, to be more exact, I was on the water and the instructor was yelling his instructions from the border. I am fluent in Spanish and everything. But understanding technical explanations that are being shouted at you when you keep on getting further away while the wind is blowing into your ears is not altogether that easy. Getting away from the lake side wasn’t too much of a problem though. Coming back was a whole other story.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing at the Calima lake.
Windsurfing and kitesurfing at the Calima lake.

After trying my very best for at least 20 minutes and falling into the water half a dozen times, I fell one more time, the surfboard turned over and I gave up. I had no strength left to put the thing straight again, so I climbed on it, sat and looked firmly to where my instructor was supposed to be, waiting for a rescue. Which came about 10 minutes later.
– What happened?
… *Sigh*… You didn’t do your job! That’s what happened! Am I paying for a lesson here or what? Aren’t you supposed to be on the water together with me? You idiot!
Now, that is what I thought. What I said was:
– Obviously, I didn’t know how to come back.

Somehow, after this incident, I got another instructor, with proper explanations, a demo and support to enjoy the 30 minutes I had left on the water.


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