A day at the airport

The easiest way to get to the Galapagos islands is to fly from Guayaquil. So that’s where my bus was taking me. But I didn’t even spend a night in the city. My bus arrived at 5.00 and the plane was leaving at 10.00. The timing was just perfect.

The moment I got out of the bus terminal and was looking for a way to get to the nearby airport, I bumped into a young Ecuatorian, living in the Galapagos, who was looking for the same thing as I was. So we opted for sharing a cab. He must have been happy to meet me because, as an early morning gift, I offered him a really good laugh. As soon as I passed the entrance door, I stumbled and fell head over heels. With my two backpacks. One at the back and one at the front. I’ll leave you a few seconds to imagine the scene.

Now back to business. I had a flight to catch. At 10.00. Or so I thought.

As soon as I arrived for the check-in, I was informed that my flight had some delay. 4 hours and 20 minutes. I could only hope that I would be able to connect to the internet, somewhere. And, in those cases, you’re always extremely happy to find a Starbucks. I had a few coffees. And a few pies. Especially since my flight got delayed by an additional hour. I mean… It’s not as if it was a flight to f*ck*** Galapagos or anything. It’s not as if people were in a hurry to get there, right?


Eventually, I got on the flight and onto the islands. With the lack of sleep during the previous night – only three hours and in poor conditions – and all that waiting, I was so exhausted – or, one might think, I am just that absent-minded – that I nearly left the ariport without my luggage.

I hadn’t done any hotel reservation so I didn’t really know where to go. But there’s always someone ready to solve that problem for you. A man was waiting at the exit door just for someone like me. In a matter of seconds, I had found both the hotel and the taxi to get there.

It was too late to do any activity on the island that day. So I opted for catching up on the hours of sleep. And God knows I enjoyed the activity!



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