No words can describe…

The second excursion, on the contrary, managed to blow my mind again. The place called “the tunnels” is also a natural structure made by volcanic rock but here, it formed bridges and pools. The vegetation mainly consists of cactuses with quite a surrealistic landscape as a result. In the pools, we could see sea lions, turtles, sharks… and a new one: rays. Which, like the turtles, swim around very elegantly. We went for a short walk to observe… boobies. I couldn’t believe how close they were letting us come. Especially as some males trying to seduce the females were setting up a whole show.

Again we did snorkelling… and made some more discoveries, amongst others  an animal I hadn’t seen yet: the seahorse. Finding all these species in such a short amount of time is almost unbelievable. Especially from so close by. I still couldn’t believe my eyes. And while under water: more turtles, sharks, rays,… I feel I’m not doing any justice to the whole Galapagos experience in my descriptions. If you really want to know what it’s like, I guess you’ll need to go and see and feel for yourself.

Once back from that excursion, I went with Floor for a beach walk. As we were talking, I realised she was the lady that I had seen being approached by the seducer at Tortuga Bay, on Santa Cruz… And she would rather have been left alone too.

We found a nice little bar, sat down, enjoyed the view, the music… and a coco loco, a cocktail served in a coconut. The Galapagos kept on giving me the feeling I was living in a postcard.

As we were about to go home, Floor recognized some friends of hers, a couple of young Swiss people she had met on a cruise. So we stopped for a chat… and followed them to the next open air bar, which was just across my hotel and from which we were able to admire a beautiful sunset. Another friend of Floor’s was there as well. One of these incredible stories of meeting people from home at the other side of the planet. Floor and he are from the same village in The Netherlands and they had been to school together, him being a year or two older than she was. He was travelling Central and South America by bike with a friend and had recognised Floor although they hadn’t been in contact since they were children.



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