Watching piglets running on the beach with watery eyes

Getting past the border control was a bit more complicated than it had been in other countries. Or at least this is the feeling I had. Maybe because there were so many people queuing at once, as they came down the buses. But all in all it took only about three hours to get to the other side of the Titicaca lake, to Copacabana. From there, I would take a boat and spend a day on the Isla del Sol – The Island of the Sun. But as there are only two boats a day and I still didn’t have my head in the right place, I wasn’t sure what to do: leave right away or spend a night in Copacabana first and go to the island the next day. Somehow, before taking any decision, I felt the need to connect to the world. So I entered a place which seemed to have a nice terrace, ordered a juice and took out my phone. Then my computer. Neither could get hold of the network. And so it would be for greatest part of my stay in Bolivia.

If I wasn’t to be connected anyway, I could as well go on an island, where it wouldn’t even make sense to try it. At 15.00, I arrived at destination and, again, followed Dorine’s (who else?) advice. “When you get out of the boat, go left, leave the village, go up the hill, and there you a have a nice and cheap hotel with one of the most gorgeous views of the surroundings”. And right she was. There was another group of people, some of them French, who had made the same choice as I. But neither on the boat nor there did I feel like socializing. My eyes were still red, my voice shattered. I would rather be on my own. And that’s exactly what I would get, as when you look so miserable and depressed, no one wants to get near you anyway.

I went for a walk and while very conscious of the beauty of it all and the luck I had to be there, I went on  crying my heart out. At the same time, the only living beings I cared for, felt worth staring at and communicating with were the pigs and piglets that were running free all around. At the Belgian coast, you sometimes see dogs running on the beach. Enjoying freedom and nature. On the Island of the Sun, you have pigs doing the exact same thing. Some of them actually behave like dogs too. Except that they were not playing with sticks and begging for strokes. I looked at them, stoic, amused, sad… and hungry at the same time. Of the two last feelings, for the time being, only one could be solved. I went for dinner.

(c) Taylor Smith. As I don't have own pictures of the Isla del Sol, I took one of his:
(c) Taylor Smith. As I don’t have own pictures of the Isla del Sol, I took one of his:

Back at the hotel, I wrote a little, then went to bed early. On the following day, I would go for a larger walk around the island.


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