On the wrong track with my feet – steadily getting on the right track with my head

Although I had all the information I needed   for the walk to go smoothly and without incident, my capacity to get lost once more surprised me. Maybe that “lost” is a bit too strong. But I certainly didn’t go the right way.

It started alright, as I took a little pathway right behind the hotel. The walk was supposed to take me around the island as I tried to wash away my blues by concentrating on nature, trying to enjoy the moment. But it’s hard to set your mind on something else when you’re just by yourself. At least I wasn’t crying anymore. Which meant I seemed to be able to get back on my feet much quicker than a few months ago. Even in the most difficult moments, there is something positive to be found.

I went down to a village which was even smaller than the one I had left. The beach was as good as empty. Except for the pigs, that is. There was a little hotel, however, where I could get breakfast. After realizing that this peaceful place was everything but the one I was supposed to be, that I would need two more hours to get there and that my boat was leaving three hours later at the place where I came from, I decided to turn around and go back. Getting down the hill had been a bit challenging. Going up was even more so. I was in the middle of one of the world’s highest lakes after all and, however much my body had become accustomed to be several thousands of meters higher than what I am used to, I still needed  regular pauses to catch my breath.

Image taken here http://bit.ly/1IwqFdI.
Image taken here http://bit.ly/1IwqFdI.

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