Tango – Argentinian… or Uruguayan?

When we hear or see tango, we usually think of it as a popular Argentinian music and dance. But tango is actually as much Uruguayan as it is Argentinian. World’s most famous tango, La Cumparsita, has even been written by the Uruguayan Gerardo Matos Rodríguez. And some more modern tango, from the Argentinian band Tanghetto

Talking about schizophrenia in Colonia

Back in Montevideo. Bruno offered me to stay a full month at his place, amongst others because he was about to celebrate his birthday and invited me to the party. But that meant I needed to stay in Uruguay for another two weeks when I felt like moving on. Though there were still a lot…

Elections week-end in Minas

My last stop before going back to Montevideo was Minas. Not a beach place, for a change. But there was also very little to see. I arrived there with the rain and, therefore, completely wet. But I was directly welcomed by Mariángel, Gonzalo and their 2 year old daughter Bruna to share some mate and…

Learning a few traveler’s lessons

Being in Punta del Diablo, I took the opportunity to go to Cabo Polonio. Did I say Punta del Diablo was a hippy place? Well Cabo Polonio is the next level on the hippy ladder. The former gets slowly invaded by more modern constructions – though mainly houses and fortunately not Punta del Este modern…

Uruguay is the best country

I’ve been on the road for about three weeks now. So it’s about time to give you some news. Though it’s hard to put some order in my thougths and impressions. The fist one might be “cold”. What was I thinking when I left spring to go back into winter? I can’t say it’s really freeezing….